Home Extensions

Are you needing just that extra bit of space? From house extensions to garage and attic conversions, conservatories, summerhouses and bespoke cabins, there is a space solution for you.

If you love your house but feel that it is getting a bit too small, you don’t have to contemplate moving to another place. Sometimes it’s just a matter of redistributing your space in order to adapt it to your needs. It’s amazing how an extra room or larger kitchen can provide those solutions you once thought you would not be able to achieve in your house.

There is increasing demand for open plan living that can totally transform the layout and atmosphere of your family life. No more missing out in the kitchen while the rest of the family is having fun in the next room!

On the other hand, if adapting your home is not an option, perhaps introducing that extra guest room cabin at the bottom of the garden would be the answer.
 One way or another, let’s create more space!