Based in Edinburgh and Lothians, we are an exciting new company with the energy, vision and skill that will make the transformation of your garden a completely new experience.

Our aim is to make your garden your favourite place to be; somewhere you can relax and unwind in the midst of a rushed and stressful world. Whether it be creating your garden just as you had imagined it, or suggesting innovative ideas that you might not have considered, we intend for you to enjoy the entire process, from the initial design to the delight of watching the summer colours bloom in your finished garden… because a beautiful garden is a work of heart!

No matter where you are right now-just in the brainstorm stage or actively seeking a company to create what you have in mind, we would love to chat with you about it. Get in touch with us today!


Hard Landscaping

Soft Landscaping


There are so many landscaping firms out there, why should you choose The Promised Landscapes?

Our promise is to provide the best service for our clients. We know how disruptive work around your home can be, that is why we aim to complete your job as soon as possible, never cutting corners but working in the most efficient way we can.

The equation for us is simple:

  1.  We offer fair salaries in recognition of our employees’ professionalism. We value them as the biggest asset to our company.
  2. Happy employees will want to keep on working for the company so it is in their interest for the business to succeed.
  3. Good efficient work minimizes time wastage and results in fair prices for the client.

    Happy workers = Happy gardens = Happy clients

We are firm believers in the “buy cheap buy twice” principle, and that is why we only use the best materials, tools and equipment. You can know that, we may not be the cheapest quote you will receive, however, we will be the best value when it comes to quality workmanship. We have great relationships with some of the best material suppliers in Edinburgh which allows us to negotiate getting you absolutely the best price on everything required for the job, from a bag of cement to the most beautiful slate or basalt paving. With all this in mind you can rest assured that you will receive your ‘Promised Land’.


Luke Boam

Luke Boam


Luke was born and bred on a farm down in Galloway. Living there, on top of his many farm duties, he always had an itch for repairing those walls that the sheep loved to knock down as a hobby. In a natural way he started to acquire multiple skills that made him the landscaper he is today.

He has worked both as self-employed and with some of the best landscaping companies in Scotland. A garden he ran recently won a national award.

He is known to be a hard-working, enthusiastic person, always seeking excellency and willing to embrace any challenge that is presented.

Jess Boam

Jess Boam

Business Development / Administrator

Jess studied Business in her hometown in Barcelona. Having seen Luke‘s business drive and skills, she decided to support her husband’s dream to pursue his own landscaping company behind the scenes with all the administrative duties required, as well as the marketing aspects of the business.

She also works full time as a mum, taking care of their son Daniel.

Stuart Innes

Stuart Innes


With history as a dental technician and having worked with stained glass, Stuarts eye and attention to detail are well tuned. He is a highly motivated and talented landscaper that always gives 110%. Out of work, Stuart will always be found wearing his kilt, and if he could have his way, would have us all wearing kilts at work too!

James Boam

James Boam

Steel Work

James has many skills although he specialises in steel work. From bespoke beds, spiral staircases or even a bridge, James is the man of steel who can create some astonishing things. He is married to May, originally from Egypt, and they have three lovely children.

Lee Nicol

Lee Nicol


Lee is the muscle behind the operations keeping everybody busy with plenty of materials and he always has a smile on his face. He has a passion for fancy cars -he is little disappointed we don’t have any in the fleet just now...


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We will listen to what you have in mind and perhaps bounce back some ideas or designs to make sure you are fully satisfied with your garden project.

We will send you back a quote and an estimated starting and finishing date for it, with no obligation to accept if you change your mind!

“The end result was better than I had ever expected”